Dimensions in Dance Policies

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If you have any concerns regarding any of the DID policies, please see any of the desk personnel.


Registration is $25.00 per student.  A completed, signed and dated registration form is required of all new and returning students every calendar school year.  The registration fee is $25.00 and is valid through August 2014. 


Tuition is a yearly amount divided into equal monthly payments.  Payments do not vary depending upon the number of classes in a month, so the rate is the same regardless if you have 5, 4, or 3 classes in one month.

We offer a family discount so that additional family members receive a 10% discount on tuition when one dancer is paying full tuition.  (Discount is taken from the lesser tuition.) For a complete list of tuition amounts, please see our website at www.dimensionsindance.com or ask the desk personnel. 

Sick Policy

Although we LOVE to see your kids each week, please respect others and keep them home if they are not feeling well.  This way we can all be happy and healthy together!  If your child is sick, makeup classes are encouraged and may be taken within four weeks.  Your teacher can make class recommendations for you.

Inclement Weather and Class Cancellations

Snow days or other cancellations due to inclement weather will be announced on the school’s answering machine at 668-4196 by 2:00p.m. on the day of the cancelled classes.  Typically we follow Manchester School Cancellations.  Cancelled classes due to inclement weather will not be rescheduled or made up.  Dancers are allowed to make up all missed classes in another class approved by the teacher within four weeks.

Dance Class Etiquette

Please try to arrive to classes on time.  It can be disruptive to have students arriving late once class has started. 

All dancers are expected to wear the appropriate class uniform.  For all ballet classes level 1 and higher, hair needs to be in a neat bun.  For all ballet classes, dancers need pink tights (without holes) and pink ballet slippers.  For all other classes, dancers need to have their hair pulled back and out of their face.  Dancers must wear the color leotard of their level. If students take classes in different levels, they should wear the color of their ballet level.  All boys should wear black shorts, tights, or dance pants with white T shirts.  For examples of acceptable dance attire and shoes, please look in our boutique in the office. 

Annual Production

For students participating in the annual production: A $50  Non-Refundable costume deposit per number is due by November 1st.  (In order for us to get the best prices for the costumes used in the end of year production, the costume orders are placed in January or February.)

Photography and Videography

As a student of Dimensions in Dance and/or a participant in the Annual Production or any other performances, dancers agree to permit Dimensions in Dance the use of any photos or videos taken for advertising or publicity in both online and print forms.  Dancers’ names will not be listed unless permission has been requested. 

Phone: 603-668-4196     -     84 Myrtle St, Manchester NH 03104   -   DiDmanchester@comcast.net

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Updated October 21, 2017

Phone: 603-668-4196     -     84 Myrtle St, Manchester NH 03104   -   DiDmanchester@comcast.net
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