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We place dancers in classes primarily by ability, while also taking age into consideration, so we are happy to help you determine which class would be best suited for you or your child.  In many cases, we will have students try a class before we place them, so please do not purchase the class uniform until we have finalized that the class placement is a good fit.

This class is a combination of Jazz dance and gymnastic movements including tumbling and flips. This class is taught on mats.

Adult Classes
Our philosophy is that Dance is for everyone. We encourage everyone, regardless of age, ability, or body type, to try dance. We have adult classes in numerous disciplines and for different levels. Our non-competitive, supportive environment makes people feel right at home. We also have an adult performing dance company, Ballet Misha, that provides an opportunity for serious dancers to perform. Whether you danced as a kid and want to get back into it, or always wanted to dance and never did, you have found the right studio.

Our teachers mostly instruct in the classical Russian style using the Vaganova and Balanchine syllabi as a guide for all levels. We do have some faculty with Royal Academy of Dance training, but we do not follow this syllabus. Ballet emphasizes building the alignment, strength, and stretch necessary for classical ballet and contemporary dance work. The full range of ballet vocabulary will be covered. Students will develop a sense of musicality and phrasing, and an awareness of ballet as a vital foundation for all forms of dance.  We encourage all dancers to take ballet as it is a fundamental building block for all other forms of dance.

Boys' Acro and Tap Combo Class
This class is designed specifically for boys and teaches basic tap and tumbling on mats. We feel that dance is for everyone, and this class gives boys the opportunity to dance with other boys. Dance improves coordination, balance, and muscle memory; hence many professional athletes take dance and yoga to improve their performance in their sport.  (This class is subject to interest level.  If you are interested in this class but do not see it on the schedule, please inquire at the studio)

Our primary classes are designed for pre-school and Kindergarten age children. Combinations of ballet and tap or ballet and Jazz will be taught in a more structured series of classes that continue to develop a strong foundation of dance. The ballet barre, center work and dance combinations will be taught during ballet. Tap will focus on basic patterns and rhythms with more intricate movement. Jazz/Hip Hop features popular dance steps to popular music.

Contemporary dance is the latest name for a dance style that encompasses movement from a wide range of disciplines including lyrical, jazz, and modern. Contemporary has the greatest range of movement of any discipline as it borrows from many styles.

Hip Hop
This popular style of dance uses appropriate hip hop and pop music while learning energized dance combinations and the latest moves. Our Hip Hop has a strong Jazz base.

Lyrical is a stylized form of ballet combined with Jazz. It retains the elegance of ballet, but incorporates non-traditional movement as well.

Dimensions in Dance is fortunate to have many male dancers and athletes willing to do partnering workshops with our strong ballet dancers. We have partnering workshops at regular intervals throughout the year that focus on teaching lifts, turns, and promenades safely.

For the more advanced ballet student, pointe is offered to students at the discretion of their ballet instructor. Students enrolled in this class must also attend at least two other ballet technique classes during the week.

Our little ones will learn body awareness and improve motor skills by skipping, jumping, galloping & leaping to music. Imagination and creativity will also be introduced. Our pre-ballet introduces basic ballet positions and movement to help build strength and balance. We begin taking students in this class at 2 _ years old.

Tap can be one of the most exciting dance styles. Its return to Broadway reminds us of how entertaining it is. Students will develop rhythm, balance, coordination, and make lots of noise!

Zumba Gold
This fitness program takes exciting Latin and international dance rhythms and creates a total body "feel happy" workout.  Movements can be slow, moderate, or fast adapting to each individual's needs, even to the extent that it can done while sitting in a chair!  The class incorporates moves that aid with balance, strength, coordination, toning, and memory.  It is without question that exercise has a positive impact on the aging process, so why not make it fun.

Zumba Basic
Perfect for everybody and every body!  We take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you'll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise.   A total workout, combining all elements of fitness - cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.
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Updated October 21, 2017

Phone: 603-668-4196     -     84 Myrtle St, Manchester NH 03104   -
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